Introducing our new weekly recipe from TALK Eat Laugh, run by Rachel Muse and Becky Dowst, is a Salisbury-based catering company operating locally and internationally.

In addition to cooking for elite athletes around the country and in Europe, they also hold regular local pop-up restaurants and supper clubs, described as “a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant” where guests can make friends while having a lovely meal. They also do catering for private events in people’s homes.

Currently, the supper clubs are mostly based at Dinghams Salisbury, but are always looking for new venues. Their next event, Spring Supper Club, is at Dinghams on Wednesday, March 30, 7pm.
Tickets: Early bird £33 until March 19, £36 thereafter, at 01722 506045. To get in touch about your own event, or request a Supper Club where you live, contact Becky on 07741 128280 or

AS Pancake Day is on Tuesday, March 5, how about an unusual and healthy pancake recipe to kick things off?

Banana & oatmeal Pancakes.

Add the peeled banana to the bowl and mash it. Crack the egg into the bowl and mash it in with the banana.

Add the oatmeal, the bicarbonate of soda and the lemon or lime juice and mix it all together… this makes bubbles.

Melt the butter and oil together in the frying pan then pour out into a little bowl and use a teaspoon of this mixture each time you fry.

On a medium heat, add 1 teaspoon of the frying mixture and 1 tablespoon of pancake mixture.

After 2 minutes, turn it over and tap to flatten slightly, then take out of the pan after a further 2 minutes.

Add a second pancake once the first is turned then continue until all the mixture is used (between 6-8 pancakes).

Serve with chopped banana & honey or maple syrup.

Look out for more weekly online recipes from Rachel Muse in our Food & Drink section.


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