A vegan version of panna cotta, brought to you by Talk Eat Laugh.

This is a vegan pudding in the style of a panna cotta. But don’t let that put you off – it’s a great summertime, refreshing, light dish.

1 tin (400g) Coconut milk
35g (6 Tablespoons) Coconut milk powder (optional)
1 RIPE mango
3 Tablespoons thickening granules
20g Sugar
2 Limes
1 Red Chili pepper (optional)

In a medium pan on a low heat warm the coconut milk with the coconut milk powder, sugar and a few slices of red chili, if using. The chili gives this clean fresh dish a bit of a kick. Feel free to leave it out, if that’s your preference.

Wash the limes and with a potato peeler, peel one. Cut the peel into very thin strips.

Juice the peeled lime and add it to the coconut milk mix, use a whisk to combine.

Top and tail the mango. Place the mango vertically on its now flat bottom and peel the flesh. Then still with the mango vertically on the chopping board cut the flesh off the stone. Discard any moldy or over-ripe bits of mango. With a hand blender, or in a nutribullet, puree the mango. Add most of the mango puree to the coconut milk.

KEEP BACK about 2 tablespoons of mango puree. You may if you wish fish out the slices of red chili at this stage if you like or leave them in as a little ‘surprise’.

Bring the coconut milk to the boil. Add the thickening granules and whisk until the milk is bubbling and very thick. Quickly pour into two medium-sized (approx. 270ml) serving glasses or four small (approx. 130ml) serving glasses. Place into the fridge to firm up for 30mins.

Using a knife remove the peel of the remaining lime and use the knife to cut into segments. Squeeze out any juice in the lime into the reserved mango puree.

Just before serving remove from the fridge and top with a little of the remaining mango puree, a few lime segments and some lime strips.

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