By Will Bradley

Café Diwali, in Crane Street, Salisbury, celebrated its first year on March 22 and is a now a well-established successful business.

Indian-born chefs Rasheed and Bartkath have created a unique dining experience in the heart of Salisbury, as well as a thriving business.

“It was slow to start, but once people got to know us, we became busier and busier. We are seeing lots of returning customers to the restaurant and a number of them come based on recommendation,” Rasheed told Valley News.

The popular restaurant is currently the No.1 rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.

“We are completely unique, providing Indian Street food, all fresh and cooked from scratch,” Rasheed confirmed.

The restaurant has four chefs, all from different parts of India, bringing huge variety to a regularly changing menu.

“The menu changes every three to four months and visitors can enjoy traditional Indian Street Food served our way. It’s a truly authentic taste of India served in the medieval city of Salisbury.

“The four chefs have a big impact on the menu, keeping dishes authentic. The dishes are perfectly different and we also offer a friendly service,” Rasheed claimed.

The large premises can sit up to 70 people and there is room for expansion in the large garden area.

“Everything is locally-sourced; we use local butchers and local suppliers. Bringing our memories of Indian cuisine to Salisbury, we have so much more to put on the menu and we will keep the momentum going,” Rasheed added.

The drinks menu is also regularly changed with craft beers, and vegetarian meals are also available.

“We can meet any dietary requirements including vegan meals. We cater to the customer’s needs, and keep the menu simple.

“We have room to expand in the garden, which we will refresh to be ready for the summer,” Rasheed said.

The large premises can also host functions and the team enjoys working with local staff and local businesses.

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