“At a time when various factions of the media and society are questioning the value of migration, this publication serves not only to dispel some of the myths about migrant communities, but also highlights the positive socio-economic contribution made by the Bangladeshi community to Britain,” said Suhana Ahmed, Executive Editor of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who.

Atiqul Hoque with special guests Amy Hick and Katherine Penny

In his address to a prestige awards event, Suhana Ahmed drew on perhaps the most topical point of the evening, with  a sustained passionate speech, he highlighted the exaggerated myth of immigration dividing communities in cities and communities across the UK.

British Bangladeshi Who’s who is the brain child of Abdul Goni the CEO of the very popular Bangla Mirror newspaper established in 2002.

More than 400 British Bangladeshi’s gathered from all over the country for the 11th annual British Bangladeshi Who’s Who awards at the Meridian Grand, London, to be recognised by The British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication as the top of their respective sectors. On entering the Meridian Grand a luxury venue in North London, there’s a certain buzz in the air. With ladies adorned in glamorous, striking colours, and men dressed in suitable attire to match, from traditional to the finest tweed, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a red-carpet event.

Presenter Roni Mirza

Valley News was delighted to be invited along with Amy Hicks and Katherine Penny, for the third time, as guest of Salisbury resident Atiqul Hoque. Atiqul has been in Salisbury for 23 years and prospered as a local restaurant owner, business entrepreneur and city councillor. He was the first elected British Bangledeshi in an area where there is only a small Asian community. He declared the awards a great success.

“British Bangladeshis Who’s Who publication highlights the success stories of young British Bangladeshis who have come a long way, and plays a big role in inspiring them to greater success. I am proud to be part of this success story. British Bangladeshis have proved that talent can rise to the top in this country, highlighting what Great Britain has to offer,” he stressed.

Karl Plaskett, co-owner and a founder of Valley News said: “It was another memorable awards evening, it was a pleasure to meet the country manager of  Biman Bangladeshi airlines Shafiqul Islam and to sit next to the CEO of Naga King Jad Choudhury. Jad told me he had just secured a contract with Harvey Nichols to supply them with six million Chilli pickles each year – Naga, the hottest chilli in the world. It was inspirational meet so many talented and successful British Bangladeshis.

We hope to be invited back next year!”

More details: www.bbwhoswho.co.uk

Full album of pictures from the evening;-


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