By Katrina ffiske

There is so much more involved in running a business these days. It is no longer acceptable to print a leaflet and have a website; it is now crucial for businesses to be part of the social media world: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

If social media is a complete mystery to you, Lucy Spittle (pictured)  is there to help. Lucy is a 22 year-old entrepreneur, who has recently set up Computer Lit, a company which can organise all your social media and online requirements.

“The ultimate way to engage with a wider and more interactive audience is through social media platforms and online engagement,” Lucy said. “Brand recognition and staying active online is key when promoting and telling your story.”

Lucy has a variety of clients including Victoria Lodge Guest House, Mio Interiors, Salisbury Antiques Centre and Coombe Park.

“I focus mainly on helping independent businesses thrive online through producing strong, relevant and creative content.”

With each client, it was important to follow national trends and keep up-to-date with key hash tag ‘buzz words’ which can grow your audience and allow businesses to promote to a relevant and already interested audience, she stressed. Imagery was another important factor, especially on Instagram, where visual content speaks louder than words.

Lucy can also take charge of your website development. “I can update it and create artwork using Adobe programs; there is an endless amount of creativity to be had.”

Lucy bubbles with inspiration, “I love what I do, working with people and for small independent businesses. I am very happy to visit and chat through how I can help your business.”

Carole at Victoria Lodge said: “Lucy is most helpful and has brought me into the 20th century painlessly, helping me to bring my business into social media, a subject I used to hate, but know I need!”

“Always a joy to work with and never makes me feel old and silly!”

Contact Lucy: 07427 624 966

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