Did your online retail business enjoy a profitable 2018 or were you less than satisfied with the results?  Regardless of whether you are new to this industry or a seasoned player, the fact of the matter is that there is always room for growth.  Those who are able to step outside of their normal perspective and view their home-based enterprise from an objective point of view will likely realise that certain past methods might not represent the most efficient options to adopt in the coming year. What type of mentality will you need to embrace if you hope to shoot for the (digital) moon and fall amongst the stars in 2019?  Let us take a quick look at what the industry experts have to say.

There is Always Room for Improvement

One of the most common attitudes that business owners will exhibit from time to time involves hubris.  In other words, they feel as if they are the masters of their domain and that they can do no wrong.  Unfortunately, the lesson that there is always room for improvement sometimes is a painful one; particularly if it results in lost revenue and less-than-satisfied clients. The simple fact of the matter is that no business model is perfect.  Take a step back and ask yourself these important questions:

– Did I reach by sales expectations in 2018?

– Did my customers have any criticism and did multiple individuals cite similar issues?

– How can I expand my sales and marketing campaigns in 2019?

– Is my current e-commerce software platform able to handle the needs of my business?

The chances are high that at least one of the answers to these questions will leave much to desire.  This is why it is often prudent to determine if your sales platform is up to par.

Are You Utilising the Correct E-Commerce Software?

There are several symptoms associated with poor or outdated e-commerce packages.  Some of the most common include an inability to target the appropriate audience, constantly failing to meet your intended profit margins, a lack of multi-channel marketing opportunities, and slumping sales for no apparent reason.  Such indications could signify that your current architecture can no longer handle the requirements of your home-based business.  This is particularly the case for those who are using well-respected (and yet somewhat complicated) systems such as Magento.

2018 was the first year that the online business community began to witness a Magento migration towards more user-friendly bundles such as Shopify Plus.  Not only does Shopify offer all of the most effective sales tools within a streamlined package, but it is much easier for enterprise-level organisations to implement within a short period of time.  The bottom line is that 2019 should prove to be a highly profitable year if you are able to leverage the proper digital sales tools.  Shopify is capable of bridging the gap between your retail dreams and a reality that is awaiting just over the horizon.

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