By Will Bradley

Malik Ozbelek is welcoming customers to a new Istanbul mezze bar in Rollestone Street, Salisbury.

“Visitors love the food and love the place, but they don’t know we are open,” Malik told Valley News.

The large Turkish restaurant has room for 50 covers in an open-plan and relaxed environment. It serves ‘Mediterranean grill’ food, including fish, meat, chicken and falafel.

“It’s a unique place for Salisbury with authentic food and a Turkish chef,” Malik claimed.

The restaurant also serves a range of alcohol, beers, spirits and soft drinks and is currently open from 11.30am to 3pm for lunch, and 6pm to 11pm, for evening meals and drinks.

“We are hoping to build up a core group of supporters,” Malik revealed.

The restaurant is currently closed on Sundays but could be opened for private parties, according to ambitious Malik.

He also has special deals to entice customers to the exotic new venue.

From Monday to Thursday, visitors can buy a mezze platter for four with a bottle of wine for £20 and a special three course lunch is just £9.99.

“People are welcome to come for just a cup of coffee or a drink, as the space is open to be used,” Malik added.

He is also planning to open a trendy downstairs bar for local businesses and residents to use for evening drinks and networking.

“We are building up the business slowly, working for our customers, before we take it to the next stage. We have long-term ambitions,” Malik confided.

“We are new and different in Salisbury, with the decoration, food and service that we offer.”

The restaurant is based in a 500-year-old building and will also host weddings and birthdays.

“The menu will not always been the same, we will try different things,” Malik confirmed.

For more information phone: 01722 324411 or email:

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