I’m writing to support Louella Adamson, who created @home, an amazing community space, a social place that brings everyone together to exchange skills, with people from all backgrounds who wish to learn and experience something new and different.

At the festival in Hindon, where I helped out, I was at the far end of the field and could see many people, children playing, dogs running around, bands showing their talents, vendor stands offering their trade, AND Louella made this possible, her first time and aged 27, it can’t be easy.

I’ve seen Lou have that moment sitting back, allowing people that space, then surveying the room to see people chatting, laughing and exchanging skills, who may not have met if it wasn’t for her and @home.

I know it’s not going to interest everyone but @home has had many people turning up.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t have the full details when an incidence occurred that caused the loss of the alcohol licence, but it doesn’t seem to add up as the problem was after @home had locked doors, so it feels like anything to drag Lou and @home down because it’s an alternative venue.

I have a diagnosis of autism, learning difficulties, and listed as vulnerable, so the social aspect of being around people isn’t easy to cope with. But I can see clearly what she’s creating, which deserves support and I’m grateful she’s allowed me to help out to improve my new skills and confidence.

But what is happening to Salisbury? No, seriously, because I had been away for a few days, and on getting a lift back, I didn’t realise how run-down parts of Salisbury has become: shops shut down, shops left empty, nightclubs shut down, Top Shop going, Game gone, retirement homes built only for the rich, and various people around me have said the same thing.

Isn’t this what people speak of, the big society, bring people together, everyone is in it together, where everyone matters? But when someone actually puts a community project together and officials reject it.

One of my friends has left Salisbury because he says “there’s nothing going for it!”

For me, @home isn’t about money. Don’t get me wrong on this. Money is part of human civilisation and a means of living in today’s society, but for me, this is one example on a personal level, an opportunity that I can keep separate from money and not need it to pay the bills and be able to focus on a community-building project, so it proves that I’m not expecting to gain anything.

Then, when it came to Louella’s court hearing, the 44 letters people wrote in support of @home were disregarded as if nothing!

Paul Major

You too can show your support for @homeSalisbury by signing their petition to give them a fighting chance of keeping their position in the community.






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