THRIVING support network just for mums with small businesses in Salisbury has now been running for one year.

Salisbury Business Mums ‘meet-ups’ were developed by local business mums Josie Brocksom and Lucy Bennett, to provide a friendly and supportive space to enable women to connect and local business to grow.

Organiser Josie Brocksom said: “We felt there was a need for something specifically for mums as it is becoming more and more popular to be self-employed.”

“This is because many women crave the flexibility to be more available for their children, but also have big goals and aspirations outside the family.

“Quite often, their original career paths do not give the freedom they desire and so they seek out alternatives.

“Nowadays, the internet creates a wealth of business opportunities that allow mums to work flexibly and still make the school run.

“Although this provides endless amazing opportunities, running a business can be a daunting and confusing journey to face alone. Our ‘meet-ups’ aim to help women to connect with others in a similar situation, locally.”

Unlike traditional networking events, the ‘meet-ups’ aim to be informal and encourage friendships, alongside training and development.

“We feel it’s really important to have this kind of peer support locally. Many mums feel isolated when they set up and run their businesses, and meeting like-minded people can be incredibly motivating.”

The group meets every month in the Salisbury area. If you are a Mum running a business or have a new business idea that you would love to develop, join the Facebook community Mums Business Support Hub, for details of coming events.

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