There is nothing like new curtains, roman blinds or cushions to brighten your mood and the home.

It is one thing knowing you want a new look in your home but quite another making decisions on what fabrics to use and how much to buy.
Valley News discovered that Joanne is here to help.

Having been in the curtain making business for 20 years, Joanne is an expert in her field, “I actually started in the fashion industry, training at the Central School of Fashion. It was there that I fell in love with colours and materials. I soon started working in the curtain industry and decided to set up on my own.”

Joanne can visit you at home. “I bring a wide selection of pattern books for clients to browse through. If they don’t know what colour or style they want, I am happy to make suggestions and provide samples. It’s important to be guided by their likes and dislikes, and I certainly don’t inflict my tastes on them.

“I am also happy to use material clients may have bought themselves. It can be fun working with patterns you haven’t helped choose.”

Taking full responsibility for measuring, Joanne takes away any concerns of curtains being too short or too long.

“With many clients, I return and help with the décor of each room in the house. Once one room is completed, choosing the fabrics for the next room is easier.”

Interior design – for dogs

Joanne was driven mad by her dog’s ugly, black cage, in her sitting room. She had an ingenious idea – design and make a cover for the cage, the cover matching the curtains.

Joanne is moving back to Amesbury after a few years working in Dinton.

“It is exciting to be moving back to Amesbury, but I will miss the area of Dinton and Tisbury, so please do call me as I am happy to travel to visit clients!”

Curtain Hooked
01980 623695
41 Holders Road,
Amesbury, SP4 7PH

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