Mark Lello

By Katrina ffiske

What better way to get the creative and business brain cells going than attending one of Giant Peach’s Higher Growth Collective breakfasts? At Bird and Carter, Wilton a group of diverse companies gathered over bacon sandwiches, croissant and coffee.

Mark Lello, from Salisbury solicitors Parker Bullen, was the first speaker. He provoked his audience with some hard-hitting questions when he spoke at a business breakfast organised by Giant Peach, a marketing company based in Wylye.

‘Why do you need to protect your brand?’  ‘What is a brand?’ ‘How do you use a brand in the correct way?’ ‘Why is it so important to register a brand?’

“Be careful what name you choose for your brand, as it is not only the name, it is the logo and how it’s used,” Mark advised. “If you have registered your brand and it sits unused for five years someone else has the right to use it.” On enquiry, few of the guests had registered their brands.

James Read from Giant Peach (pictured above) listed some of the small steps the company took to cut back on carbon emissions. The company won the Absolute Carbon Reduction Award at The Planet Mark TM awards.

Rupert Holloway

“Wiltshire Council don’t collect recycling from us, so we organise our own. The staff , each in turn,  takes the recycling away. With lots of computers come many wireless mice, and hence, too many batteries. We use rechargeable batteries.”

Sourcing carbon neutral products is important, “I encourage everyone to use

“Every little bit helps to save the planet.”

James is also keen to inspire the next generation Giant Peach invited students in for a day. Staff assisted them with making an app.

Rupert Holloway, fed up with being a chartered surveyor, set up the first Dorset Gin Distillery from his kitchen table.

“Don’t over think things,” Rupert suggested, “With the resources of the internet at your fingertips, you can find out about anything.”

On the internet, Rupert learnt to distil gin, and over the past three years he has built up his own personal brand, including The Conker Spirit Cold Brew, a coffee liqueur. They now make 1,000 bottles a week and every bottle is personally signed.

Giant Peach Agency

Parken Bullen

Conker Spirit

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