By Will Bradley

Monty & Mabel’s, a new dog-friendly coffee lounge and luxury pet goods shop will open in Wilton, North Street on April 29.

Wilton-based Corinne Roberts, who has 16 years’ experience as a midwife, admits the unique new venture will be a steep learning curve but is delighted to be opening the exciting new venue.

In September, 2016, she started her own dog-walking and pet-sitting business, and hopes Monty & Mabel’s will bring the same success to Wilton. The successful dog walking business will continue with new walker Helen O’Grady taking the leads.

After three successful opening nights, M&M’s owner Corinne is planning a warm welcome for dogs and owners to the quirky coffee lounge and luxury pet store.

“We sell luxury unique pet goods, and we have a large coffee shop with outside patio space,” Corinne told Valley News.

Lucky dog visitors can ‘paws’ for thought and eat and drink a range of pup cakes, doggie ice treats, doggie beers and even Pawsecco! Pet accessories, treats and diverse refreshments are also on sale in the exciting new venue.

The shop is open 8am to 6pm and Corinne has plans to make the cafe a trendy evening venue adding to the early evening options in Wilton.

“We hope to create a classy relaxed atmosphere that will attract people from close by and further afield,” she added.

Corinne hopes to welcome a range of guests to this unique destination but insists the coffee cafe is not just for dog owners.

“It’s an area for the community, open for anyone to use,” Corinne suggested.

“We will use the space to host talks on dog care, for walking groups, and other organisations are welcome to use the refurbished venue,” she promised.

The impressive lounge area will also serve food, locally-micro roasted coffee beans and Bluebird of Brighton teas.

“We plan to serve carefully selected, locally-sourced food – simple high quality products, well presented, and we are receiving a fantastic reaction so far,” Corinne confirmed.

The lounge also serves a variety of cakes, including gluten-free options.

“We have great staff, a relaxed atmosphere and high quality products. We will be led by the success of the business, and are happy to diversify, if needed,” she added.

For more information phone 01722 744414.

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