Thanks to the internet, mums and housewives in Wiltshire and North Dorset no longer need to rely entirely on their husbands’ salaries for family income. In the comfort of their own homes, they can complement the husbands’ salaries by engaging in different online jobs. Below, we share with all Wiltshire and North Dorset moms and housewives’ realistic online jobs that they can do.


Most mums and housewives have stories that they want to tell the world. With blogging, mums and housewives can earn money by simply telling their stories. When it comes to blogging, it does not matter what story you want to tell but how you tell it. When one engages in blogging, she stands a chance to earn money inseveral ways. In blogging, one can make money from displaying advertisements provided by Google, through affiliate marketing i.e. marketing products and services offered by different brands, through paid posts from brands or by selling ad space. The trick with blogging is that you must tell a story in a compelling way such that you attract high traffic volumes. The more traffic you generate, the more you stand to earn.


Youtubing can simply be termed the video version of blogging. While in blogging, you tell your story in writing, with Youtubing, you tell your story in talking. When it comes to Youtubing just as is the case with blogging, you must come up with your own content. Using content from someone else will lead you into trouble if any copyright infringements are reported. If you come up with engaging, interesting and original stuff, then you are likely going to make big money from Youtubing. When it comes to Youtubing, you make money in the same way as you make money from blogging. This is to say you can make money from Google ads, affiliate marketing and selling ad space. In addition, to these, you can also market a brand product or service. For instance, if you choose to become a foodie Youtuber, you can get paid for advertising spices from a brand.

Gaming and Betting

In days gone by, gaming and betting were largely seen as a preserve for men. However, things have changed now and one factor which has played a key role in changing this is the internet. The internet has removed the need to visit the land-based casino for one to gamble and place bets. Online gaming and betting which is possible when one join Novibet enable all mums and housewives to play some profitable games in the comfort of their own homes. The beauty of modern day online gaming is that mums and housewives do not have to play casino games only but they can engage in novelty betting which allows them to place bets on things that they love such as the tales that take place in the Royal Family, happenings in the entertainment circle and world politics among many others.

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