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Inheritance Tax – the residential nil rate

Since April, 2017, there has been good news for people who own their homes and whose inheritable estate exceeds the current nil rate tax band of £325,000 – or £650,000 in the case of a couple. The residential nil rate band now allows each individual £100,000 of...

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Property ripple effect

The London property market has been falling for the past year. A year ago, the outer boroughs of the capital met a final spike in prices, while central London was already falling. Now, London’s prices are falling and the ripple effect, or falling prices in London...

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Drilling deficit to squeeze oil

Respected consultancy Wood Mackenzie recently reported that oil discovered in 2015 is only 10% of that discovered on average per annum since 1960. The dearth of discoveries is a direct result of the plunging investment in exploration by oil companies. Spending on...

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What will higher US interest rates bring?

On December 14, the US Federal Reserve bank raised interest rates by 0.25%. Why this is important is that the United States dollar is the world’s reserve currency, the safe haven for all investors, due to the size not only of the US economy but the accumulated savings...

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What will assets do when inflation returns?

The election of Donald Trump, and the fall in the value of sterling after Brexit, have caused inflation expectations to rise. Over the past 30 years, falling interest rates in the Western world have caused big rallies in certain shares, like property and utilities....

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Sterling falls and inflation returns

The recent 18% fall in sterling versus the US dollar, and similar fall versus the Euro, since the referendum up to mid-October, will cause problems for Britain in the coming months. We currently have a current account deficit of more than 50% of our Gross Domestic...

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