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What a load of rubbish

Fly tipping and rubbish on the streets a serious problem around Amesbury, according to Helen Holdsworth. The problem has escalated since the opening hours were cut at the local recycling centre. Helen Holdsworth, Liberal Democrat councillor candidate for Amesbury... read more

Sample strikes at both elections

Putting himself in the front line at the local elections on May 4, and the General Election on June 8, local born-and-bred business owner Paul Sample has taken on a mammoth task. His top priority is to represent the electorate by putting them above political... read more

NHS poster urges nurses ‘come to Dorset!’

Dorset’s Clinical Commissioning Group wants to close beds at Shaftesbury’s Westminster Memorial Hospital – but nobody told the NHS in London where jobs for nurses in Dorset are being advertised on the Underground. A sharp-eyed friend spotted this poster urging nurses... read more

MP urges caution over greenfield development

Exclusive interview with Dr Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire since 2001. By David Parker Before the government recently announced plans for new towns and villages to be built across the country, housing development pressure in green belt areas was raised... read more

Tunnel vision

By David Parker Local residents and regular users of the traffic-blighted A303 are accusing the government and Highways England of suffering from tunnel vision. They believe the tunnel is the government’s vision and that no alternative is being considered,... read more

MP urges caution over greenfield development

Before the government announced plans for new towns and villages to be built across the country, housing development pressure in green belt areas was raised in Parliament by Dr Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire. He used his constituency as an example, and,... read more

Help ENT in the cold season

This month, Marie-Ange (pictured) has chosen a topic that affects us all in the cold season: common colds, flu, and infections affecting our ears, nose and throat. Increased exposure to the cold and damp conditions during winter makes us more susceptible to viral and... read more

Preservatives in eye drops can be irritating

Preservatives were popular in the 1950s as an addition to ophthalmic products to prevent bacterial contamination. Decades later, reports showed the damage the preservatives can cause to the cornea, the conjunctiva and tear film. Single dose units seemed to be the most... read more

Education, education…

Cats have long been seen as mysterious creatures – in reality we simply didn’t understand them. By their very nature, they are not demonstrative or ‘in-your-face’, so interpreting their emotions and needs can be tricky. But huge advances have been made in our... read more

Remember, remember…

Cyber Security Month. Round-up: why it’s not all about memory. Cyber security is an issue we are all concerned with: when talking about online activities, it arises time and time again. October was dubbed European Cyber Security Month and was filled with a... read more

Sterling falls and inflation returns

The recent 18% fall in sterling versus the US dollar, and similar fall versus the Euro, since the referendum up to mid-October, will cause problems for Britain in the coming months. We currently have a current account deficit of more than 50% of our Gross Domestic... read more

Are you prepared?

By Derek Gibbens I sometimes go back to the basics in my monthly article, and this month I talk about Protection, and specifically, life insurance and critical illness. As a boy, I was a Scout and recall the Scout’s motto ‘Be prepared.’ Are you? Death can clearly have... read more

Our Wilton takes centre in the community

By Will Bradley Guest speakers Kerry Harvey and Sue van Leest from Our Wilton said their purpose is to build and manage a veterans’ campus of 44 flats as part of a new housing development in Wilton on the Wilton Hill site. They were guest speakers at Wilton and... read more

Flouting the law could cost up to £20,000

By Jan Sargent Many businesses could get caught out by ‘working time’ and the minimum wage. A current UK care worker court case highlights complications around paying the minimum wage with the definition of ‘working time’ being a key point for employers to understand.... read more

Houses, houses everywhere, but …

From The Editor... by David Parker Housing estates are springing up locally around the main urban towns and Salisbury. Insatiable demand has pushed up prices for buying and letting. The housing market is in a state of confusion. Houses worth millions of pounds are not... read more

Row brews over Stones footpath

Enforcement action should be taken against English Heritage for ‘flouting the law’ over an unopened pedestrian and cycle route by Stonehenge, according to Wiltshire councillor Ian West. The 400-yard ‘permissive footpath’ running past the monument, which would help... read more

Online survey for young people

Wiltshire Children’s Services is looking for young people aged 0–19 to have their say on what they like best about their county in an online survey. The survey asks what landmarks, landscapes and people best represent Wiltshire and the young people who live here. The... read more

Festival goers embrace Somerley

By Karl Plaskett On June 3 to 4, Somerley Tea Party returned to Ringwood for its third year, bigger and better than ever before, with new extra stage areas, a larger festival site and the addition of camping. Headlined by Annie Mac and Eats Everything, festival... read more

Stones bypass back on the agenda

An alternative scheme to the proposed Tunnel recommended by the Government has been put forward by the local unitary councillor for the villages west of Stonehenge. Cllr Ian West has again suggested the alternative route proposed at the previous public enquiry. It is... read more

North Dorset says “No fracking way”

A free film showing and information evening at Blandford on Sunday,  January 31, will raise awareness of the fracking threat to North Dorset. The event, organised by concerned local residents and supported by North Dorset Green Party, is at the Corn Exchange and part... read more

South Wilts Agenda – join the non-political campaign

By David Parker Giving South Wiltshire more autonomy with less central control at Trowbridge is what we would like. And pressure is mounting. Growing public demand is for a South Wilts sub-cabinet with more power over finances and decision-making to replace the... read more

Follow the Prime Ministers’ lead, say councillors

Wiltshire Councillor Terry Chivers and Jeff Osborn have tabled Notice of Motion to Wiltshire Council for debate on Tuesday, July 14. “Council congratulates the decision of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, not to increase ministerial salaries for the duration of the... read more

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