Village stores makes it five

Village stores makes it five

The fifth anniversary of the opening of the Chalke Valley Stores and Coffee Shop, known locally as the ‘HUB’ is being celebrated on June 3.

In the centre of Broad Chalke, the HUB is a community shop, post office, coffee shop, village archive and meeting room.

The new stores replaced  the privately-owned and run  village  shop and post office which was closed. The need for a replacement was seen as vital. for a thriving rural community in the Chalke Valley.

In June 2012, a start-up committee of suitably experienced local residents, was formed to create the Chalke Valley Community HUB Limited (CVCH) to examine potential locations and the feasibility of creating a new village shop.

Since then, the HUB has become a much used and appreciated local community, attracting customers from further afield whether travelling by car, by bicycle, on foot, or even on horseback. Importantly, the building is still used by the United Reformed Church for services on Sundays, and on other religious occasions.

Ellen Smets, the HUB’s manager said:  “We are all delighted to be celebrating our fifth anniversary. I am proud of what has been achieved and grateful for the support from customers, suppliers and particularly from our volunteers who work at the HUB.  However, we are not complacent and we constantly look at improving our service and range of products. Our aim is to make a visit to the HUB an enjoyable and memorable experience for all our customers.”

Will Hillary, chairman of the management board said: “The first five years has proved to be a greater success than any of us could have predicted. We are in good heart and financially secure, and we look forward to the future with confidence.”


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