Vape battery fires up

Vape battery fires up

A motorist ended up in hospital with burns after an e-cigarette battery exploded while she drove along the fast lane of the A303.

Terrified IT consultant Ellie Petty, 32, from Salisbury, said ‘she was on fire’ but managed to extinguish the flames with her bare hands after throwing the burning battery onto the central reservation of the road on the Hampshire-Wiltshire border.

Ellie managed to drive to a nearby layby where she raised the alarm. She was rushed to hospital for treatment for burns to her hands and side.

Yesterday Ellie – who was talking to her partner teacher Samantha Harvey, 29, on her ‘hands free phone’ at the time – stressed she ‘absolutely thought she was going to die’.

”It was a horrific experience. I was on my hands-free kit talking to her (Samantha) when it happened – the battery exploded. The fire was coming up at me – I was on fire.

“She (Samantha) heard my screams and panicked – she thought I had died in a road traffic accident.

“She was already on route along the M3 (to see me). She later found me in the layby before I went to hospital,” Ellie said.

Now she faces a course of treatment at Salisbury District Hospital.

“I do not trust these batteries – this could have happened to anybody,” she added.

Emma Drackford, communications director of Electrical Safety First, said:”Batteries should never be stored loose or kept next to keys, coins or other metal objects.”

The battery was in her pocket but there were no other metal objects by it, Ellie stressed.

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