Spy sensation backlash

Spy sensation backlash

Concern is growing over local policing abilities during the current spy sensation aftermath.

Concerned residents are asking why police are not following up local crimes and why their rights are being violated.

Some believe the investigations into the recent controversial poisoning in Salisbury could be affecting routine policing, crime prevention and investigation.

Recent incidents include a spate of shed break-ins in Wilton, goods stolen, crime number issued but no follow up. Police told Valley News they have no record of the incident.

After a late-night fight in, Wilton, a victim was discovered unconscious by his wife outside their house. He was rushed to hospital and had stitches to wounds, but no details were issued by police.

At Valley News, one reporter had a home visit from investigators on the poisoning incident in Salisbury. She lives in a house in the road adjoining the garden of the spy’s house.

Her whole family was asked detailed questions, but no indication was given about what would be done with the information.

At the Salisbury ‘Recovery meeting, on Wednesday, April 11, another concerned resident was reported to have said he was denied access to his home, his garden entered without permission, and he claimed the investigators were discourteous.

Police numbers have fallen rapidly, crimes are not being reported, allegedly because it would seem to be a waste of time. The costly helicopter has been deployed several items for ‘minor’ offences in the past few days, it has been claimed.

From recent police reports, street crime in Salisbury is growing in numbers and type, including knife crime.

Valley News asked the Police and Crime Commissioner and the acting Chief Constable to make a full statement but has had no reply.

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