Red alert for ambulance delays

Red alert for ambulance delays

Yet another ambulance was delayed with lights flashing in Melbury Abbas today (Friday) at about 2pm on a stretch of road villagers have dubbed ‘the village of the jammed’.

Parish Council chairman William Kenealy reported: “Two farm tractors traveling in convoy from Blandford to Shaftesbury created a tail back of 30 to 40 vehicles; and so the tractors pulled in at the car park of Spread Eagle Inn to let the vehicles pass. The consequence was that the convoy of vehicles jammed up Melbury Abbas, as the traffic lights/single file section could not cope. Hence an ambulance on an emergency call – blue lights flashing and sirens wailing – was stuck in a mass of traffic.

“The question this raises is: why is the ambulance service using a route they know jams up on a daily basis? It also shows it is not a case, as suggested by Dorset County Council that, by reducing the number of HGVs on the route, t the rate of jams/delays will decrease.

“Does this mean the ambulance service is as irresponsible as DCC, in that they are choosing a dangerous, congested route? DCC say 5,691 vehicles a day use the road through Melbury Abbas, but more use the B3081 – about 8,000.”

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