New homes ready for returning military

New homes ready for returning military

A new Army housing estate has been completed in Tidworth, Wiltshire.

Minister for Defence for Procurement Guto Bebb officially marked the completion of Ashdown Estate under the Army Basing Programme (ABP)> The joint Army and Defence Infrastructure (DIO) programme, provides facilities the Army needs to live, work and train in the UK as it returns from Germany to the UK.

The Minister met Service personnel and families living on the new estate.

The homes are in addition to the £1 billion MOD is investing in infrastructure in Salisbury Plain under the ABP. To accommodate the 4,000 extra Service personnel and their families relocating to Salisbury Plain by 2019, MOD will provide just over 1,300 new Service family homes, about 2,600 bed spaces for single soldiers, and nearly 250 other buildings, such as offices, garages, workshops and mess facilities.

The developments across SPTA under the ABP is expected provide an economic boost to the local economy.

Housebuilder Hill completed construction on 322 new three- and four-bedroom homes within time and to cost. The houses were handed over in phases with the first 35 completed in December 2016, six weeks earlier than scheduled.


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