Mystery surrounds major incident in city

Mystery surrounds major incident in city

Mystery still surrounds an ongoing major incident in Salisbury city centre which could be linked to another emergency at Salisbury District Hospital’s A&E department.

Wiltshire Police have declared a major incident after two people could have been exposed to an unknown substance in Salisbury city centre.

A police statement read: ‘A call at about 4.15pm yesterday, March 4, raised concern for the welfare of a man and a woman in The Maltings, Salisbury. They were taken to Salisbury District Hospital and are being treated for suspected exposure to unknown substances. They are currently in a critical condition. ‘At this stage, it is not clear if a crime has been committed and a multi-agency response has been co-ordinated.

Police, working with partner agencies, are carrying out a full investigation ‘to clarify the exact circumstances’. Police do not believe there is any risk to the wider public. Salisbury District Hospital is advising people to attend routine appointments unless they are contacted.

Locations in Salisbury have been cordoned off and the police said they will update the public as soon as, and as regularly as possible. A Public Health England (PHE) spokesman said: “Based on the limited information available there doesn’t appear to be any immediate risk to public health.

PHE said those exposed to the substances have been decontaminated, as is standard practice. “Scientists continue to assist and review information.”

The police are asking that anyone with any information should call Wiltshire Police on 999 immediately. Anyone concerned they may have been in contact with the substance should inform NHS 111 for medical advice.

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