Cattle market: community to be consulted

Cattle market: community to be consulted

Shaftesbury Town Council is calling residents to a public meeting at the Town Hall on Monday starting at 10am, June 11, to gather information and to outline the current situation about the cattle market site.

After the session, a town meeting at 7pm will hear the views of stakeholder organisations and questions from the public.

In April, the District Council decided to sell the surplus land at the cattle market, in Christy’s Lane, to undisclosed bidders. Some residents responded to this news with disappointment at the lack of public engagement or notification and the town council decided to canvass public opinion.

“By gathering the views of the residents and providing information to provide greater awareness of the process and possibilities we hope to maximise the benefit to the town of this development,”

Deputy Mayor, Lester Taylor said. “This is not a confrontational exercise, as we are being open and transparent, representing the public’s wishes and working with North Dorset to achieve the best for the town.”

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