Catering assistant fired for frothy cup

Catering assistant fired for frothy cup

A young catering assistant at Stonehenge has been fired for undercharging for a frothy cup of coffee at the £27 million visitor centre run by English Heritage.

Dan Thomas, from Amesbury, noticed a cup of coffee he was about to sell to a customer ‘was half-full of froth’ as the machine was ‘faulty’.

So that it was not wasted completely, and thinking he was saving money, he sold it for half price.

But the next day, the stunned 20-year-old Dan was told he should have ‘thrown away’ the frothy coffee and poured another cup from a different machine.

He was then suspended for two months – and now has been sacked for ‘gross negligence’.

Yesterday Dan fumed: ”It is absurd. I poured the cup of coffee but literally half of it was froth.

“The coffee was not up to standard so to save wastage, I discounted it to half price £1.20.

“I thought I was just saving money for English Heritage.

“English Heritage told me I was dismissed for gross negligence for selling the coffee half full of froth for half price. I have not profited or benefited from this at all.”

English Heritage claimed that, from time to time, it had to deal with ‘difficult employee-relations issues’. “It would be inappropriate to go into specific cases, but in all of these cases, we always adhere to both best practice and legislation,” a spokesperson said.

Dan has decided not to pursue the issue through any other channels open to him to appeal.

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