Leadership dimension enhances results

Leadership dimension enhances results

“It’s funny. I’ve just woken up to my last morning in this job,” a friend of mine said.

He’d spent many years as a senior leader and he’d come to his last day in full-time employment. There comes that day of reckoning when we look back and ask ourselves what we have given to others.

I know what this friend has left as a legacy as I’d had the privilege of observing him closely at work for years.

1. He likes people. He worked hard to get to know everyone, not just ‘the great and the good’.
2. He always found people doing things right, NOT doing things wrong. He recognised that, sometimes, as a leader, the best he could give was a pat on the back.
3. He was clear on his focus and direction. He communicated to everyone what he wanted to achieve.
4. He found what resources people needed and ensured they had them, to achieve their objectives.
5. He was an optimist. He always thought his teams could do it even when people, as individuals, were doubtful.
6. He had bucket-loads of integrity. His very essence was one of honesty, reliability, sincerity and unselfish-
7. He showed huge commitment to his teams, to tasks in hand and to organisations for which he worked.
8. He had loads of moral courage. Even though something might be unpopular, he was willing to do what was right and fair.
9. He had a great sense of humour. He was cheerful, because he knew nobody likes to follow or work with a grouch or someone who is moody.

So, if you can imagine yourself coming to the last day of your working life and looking back over all the previous years, be honest with yourself, what do you think your legacy will be?

At Transforming Performance, we believe there are six crucial areas to leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems.

Transforming Performance can help with our Accelerate Your Business™ and Accelerate Solo™ programmes. We work with leaders to help them to recognise their impact on those around them, and to support them in changing to more positive and productive behaviours and impacts.

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Jan Sargent is co-director with Julie Hutchison, of Transforming Performance, a consultancy providing businesses with expert support in leadership coaching, team development, and performance coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, training and behavioural profiling, and help in getting the best from you and your people. If you’d like to have a chat and a coffee to discuss how we can help you, we’d love to talk.

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