Small girl has close encounter with a goat

Small girl has close encounter with a goat

A council has rejected a little girl’s request to have a group of goats moved after she injured her arm in a close goat encounter.

Her injury was raised at a town council meeting after her furious grandmother demanded the goats be moved.

The grandmother was taking her granddaughter for a walk in the grounds of Mere Castle, Mere, when they came across the goats.

The little girl was frightened by them, and allegedly ‘fell over’ as she ran away, damaging her arm, which need a bandage.

The grandmother rang Mere Town Council chairman John Jordan demanding that the animals be moved.

Cllr Jordan raised her request at a meeting of Mere Town Council. Mr Jordan said: ”The grandma asked for the goats to be moved. She saw the goats, turned around and fell over, injuring her arm.”

Farmer Steve Horn grazes his 34 goats on the land so they can keep the greenery under control, and the council looks after the land.

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