Shaftesbury to have a plan

Shaftesbury to have a plan

Shaftesbury residents are keen to join the Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee.

After a public meeting on January 19 and 22 surgeries, the council met on  February 6 and decided to support the recommendation to appoint 12 members of the public to the advisory committee. But nine other public members will join the periphery group to support community-related projects identified throughout the project.

Members to the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee are: Brendon Fisher, Keri Jones, Kris Martin, Lee Hennessy, Mick Hicks, Natalie Evans, Rachel Bodel, Robin Miller Stuart Edwards, Sue Allatt, Tim Edwyn- Jones, and Virginia Edwyn-Jones.

Members supporting the project via the periphery group are: Elaine Barratt, Janet Swiss, Mrs Jan Bickley, Pam Goodall, Phoebe Bacon Rodney Compass-Rose, Steve Clinch Sue Minshaw, and William Sherriff.

Shaftesbury Mayor, Councillor John Lewer supports the group as the Lead Councillor but will not hold a voting role on the committee, as the Neighbourhood Plan is entirely led by the community via the members of the advisory committee

The first public meeting is on Monday, February 19, at 8pm at the Town Hall to give Shaftesbury residents an opportunity to meet the new team.

More details: Brie Logan, Business Manager, Shaftesbury Town Council on 01747 859342 or email:

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