Pupils go native

Pupils go native

Years 3 and 4 pupils from St Michael’s Primary School, Salisbury Plain Academies, walked from Woodhenge to Stonehenge, learning about the Stone and Iron Ages. The four-mile walk followed the route the era’s people may have travelled to the monument, past burial mounds and the Stonehenge Cursus.

The pupils walked over the fields, completing an ‘I spy’ hunt of plants, trees and wildlife.

“The most impressive part of the walk was seeing the stones emerge as you climb a rise. The children were amazing felt really proud of themselves for walking such a long distance,” said Owena Archer, Class Teacher.

The children walked four miles to get to Stonehenge

At the visitors’ centre, the children were met by local author Romy Wyeth, who showed them around the Stones, and told stories about the past. They also tried their hand at dowsing and found the lay-line on which the stones stand. The trip finished with a look around the museum and the Stone Age huts.

“My favourite bit was when the whole class tried to pull one of the stones at the visitor’s centre. We only needed another 85 people to get it moving! It really showed how heavy the stones were,” said Joshua Casey, Year 4.

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