Jamie’s life saved by friends after inhaler failure

Jamie’s life saved by friends after inhaler failure

Three ‘mates’ saved a man’s life after his inhaler failed to work when he had a sudden asthma attack.

Jamie Waite, 21, collapsed unconscious into the arms of stunned Jake Poulton in Tidworth. Jake, assisted by twin brother Sam, 22, and friend Will Pennie, 22, managed to dial 999 for the ambulance.

In the meantime they shouted: “Jamie, Jamie, Jamie,” and tried to bring him around

Within minutes the air ambulance arrived, Jake said, and the medics resuscitated him.

He was then rushed by road ambulance to Salisbury District Hospital, for treatment, where he was detained.

Yesterday, Jamie from Andover, said: ”My mates saved my life. I want to say thank you to them.

“I do not know why the inhaler did not work. This has never happened before.”

Jake – who said they were relaxing in a field when the asthma attack occurred – added: ”That is what mates are for.

“After he fell back into my arms he could not move. We thought he was dead. We were terrified.

“Somehow – I do not know how – I managed to dial 999.

“We all kept shouting, and tried to bring him around. Then the air ambulance arrived and eventually he came around. They brought him back.”

South Western Ambulance Service confirmed:”We took a 21-year-old patient to Salisbury District Hospital.”

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