It’s high time

It’s high time

‘The High Point of Dorset’ is being recommended as Shaftesbury’s promotional slogan, highlighting its unique selling point, by Shaftesbury Town Council’s Visitor Experience Advisory Committee.

It represents a range of Shaftesbury tourism interests, and acknowledges Snowdrops Festival organiser Pam Cruickshank’s suggestion provided a ‘eureka moment’ for committee members trying to devise a catchy phrase.

Pam said she wanted to convey that a visit to Shaftesbury could be the best part of a holiday but also to make reference to the steepness of Gold Hill and the town’s high elevation of 771 ft above sea level.

“It’s lovely that my brainstorm has been so well received,” she added.

Shaftesbury Tourism Association Chairman Anne Giberson said Gold Hill remains the primary focus of tourism promotion but it would be easier to promote Shaftesbury’s other attractions with the new slogan.

Representatives of Gold Hill Museum, Shaftesbury Arts Centre, Shaftesbury Abbey and Shaftesbury Tourism Association work together as part of the town council’s Visitor Experience Advisory Committee. The council is supporting the 10 volunteers as they undertake detailed market research and highlight the best local and regional tourism practices.

The committee will assess the effectiveness of town centre signage, tourism, marketing and car parking before presenting its recommendations to the council for consideration.

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