Hitting the heights

Hitting the heights

By Andy Datson

JR Kitchens is now Everest Brasserie and it hopes to appeal to a wider range of culinary customers. Although it has devised a new menu, with new chefs, and a new look, Everest Brasserie, Fisherton Street, Salisbury is sticking with Indian cuisine.

But it is broadening the menu, making it more enticing to a wider range of potential customers, the owners hope.

General manager Mahi told Valley News: “We want to make it a proper dining experience. We want to make sure we appeal to as many people as possible, and I think, with the new menu, we can do that.”

Everest Brasserie is said to be the largest restaurant in Salisbury, serving 120 people at capacity. It also has designated areas for functions and parties, with a built-in dance floor.

“It’s important to target customers and to understand what they want out of an Indian restaurant,” said Mahi.

“There’s a lot of healthy competition among the Indian restaurants in the town because they all offer different things,” he admitted.

How did the new restaurant differ from JR Kitchens? Did he feel the change in menu and style will be beneficial?

“Our chefs are now more suited to the fine dining cuisine. They have been trained in the best places possible, and they make some wonderful food,” said Mahi.

Work to improve parking facilities outside the restaurant is currently underway.

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