Don’t forget the free flu jab

Don’t forget the free flu jab

Do not to delay getting a flu jab if you are eligible for a free vaccination this winter, health leaders advise.

Free vaccination is available for those aged over 65, pregnant women, main carer for another person or in receipt of Carers’ Allowance, and those with a long-term condition such as diabetes or asthma.

Children aged between two and eight are also eligible for free nasal vaccination, harmless and the best way to protect against catching flu this winter.

A carer is someone of any age who looks after an elderly person or someone with a disability.

“Flu vaccination is the most important health intervention to reduce winter hospital admissions. As a GP practice, we welcome the availability of free flu vaccination for carers to reduce the risk of bringing home flu to the vulnerable persons they care for, as well as helping to stay healthy over the winter months,” said Dr Patrick Craig from Hindon Surgery.

Flu is a highly infectious disease and can lead to serious complications if you have a long-term health condition like bronchitis or liver disease. It can also cause serious complications for mother and baby if pregnant women catch it. The flu jab is the safest way to protect yourself from illness this winter – however healthy you might otherwise feel, the health service leaders said.

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