Community Foundation inspires Chamber

Community Foundation inspires Chamber
“Significant areas of Wiltshire are among the 5% most deprived in England”

“Businesses big and small can set up funds or offer voluntary services to suit their businesses and they make a real difference in their communities,” according to Fiona Oliver Head of Development from Wiltshire Community Foundation.

Fiona was this month’s guest speaker at Wilton and District Business Chamber’s breakfast networking meeting at The Swan, Stoford.

The highly-beneficial foundation is renowned for providing on-going support and funding for disadvantaged communities and individuals in Wiltshire. With 7,800 voluntary groups and increased funding from local businesses, the foundation makes a real difference.

Fiona’s captivating speech highlighted the success and remarkable impact the foundation has on changing people’s lives for the better. Wiltshire Community Foundation works with local charities in monitoring and evaluating where it is best to spend the money and target the most vulnerable social sectors.

“Grants are awarded to young people who live in the top 30% most deprived areas in Wiltshire to pursue further education. We also help individual cases which include disabilities, learning difficulties and health conditions,” she said.

Fiona discussed the over 65’s are now making up a quarter of the population in Wiltshire, which is set to double by 2035.

“We give a great proportion of money to older people who are living in isolation or are struggling with staying well in the winter. This is a big problem and can cause mental health issues and declining health” Fiona added.

Wiltshire Community Foundation are always looking for new businesses to help fund projects and improve communities.


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