Church clock chimes out of time

Church clock chimes out of time

Locals at Ludgershall are bemused by their 147-year-old listed church clock chiming ’10 minutes too early’ every hour for the past six weeks.

The member of the congregation who looks after the clock is very ill, but now the 900 year old grade one listed Church of St James has found a substitute to wind the clock although he cannot get it to strike the hour on the hour.

Church warden Mike Dunning forecast it would not be long before the member of the congregation was well enough to set the clock right. He has to clamber up several flights of stairs to get to the -old clock – there since 1871.

“There is absolutely no reason for us to make adjustments to the clock until he is fit again which will be very soon,” Mr Dunning added.

Fellow church warden Julie Walker said:

“The clock has been wound but getting it to strike at the right time needs professional help. It is chiming 10 minutes too early.“We have to wait until our clock volunteer is able to get up and work his magic with it.

Rector Rev Claire Maxim said: ”It is a very sad situation to have someone poorly and unable to do what they would normally do.

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