On-call ambulance stuck at problem pinchpoint

On-call ambulance stuck at problem pinchpoint

AN ambulance on an emergency call-out with its blue light clearly flashing was jammed in and hit by a heavy goods vehicle on the narrow C13 through Melbury Abbas. The ambulance was stuck for 30 minutes on Monday lunch-time jammed against the roadside trees by a lorry going south-bound. It was following Dorset County Council’s advisory one-way system for HGVs on the roads between Shaftesbury and Blandford.

It was “yet another example of DCC’s not-fit-for-purpose one-way system for heavy good vehicles,” said Melbury Abbas and Cann Parish Council chairman William Kenealy.

Police were called and closed the road at the junction of the C13 with the B3081 at Cann Common, so that they could safely get the ambulance out. After more than 30 minutes the road was reopened.

Mr Kenealy said the female ambulance driver asked a resident for the registration of the truck as it had damaged the ambulance’s wing mirror and the lorry driver had driven off without stopping to exchange details.

So far this year, campaigners claim evidence of 396 traffic jams, including 19 last week, on the lane through the village, on the narrow pinch points. Estimate of time lost in the jams is 159 hours with an average of 31 minutes.

For Mr Kenealy added: “This one-way route was consulted on for more than two years – but without talking to the ambulance service, the police, nor the fire brigade, but, of course, not to residents in our parish.”

Fanny Charles

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