Art project for all to be launched

Art project for all to be launched

Public art company Ginkgo Projects have been commissioned by Bloor Homes to run a community art project at the Kings Gate housing development in Amesbury. In the first phase of the project, the community attended outdoor writing workshops around Amesbury and Stonehenge to explore people’s connection to place.

On September 23, from 2pm to 4pm, Ginkgo presents a  book called ‘loop’ at the Bowman Centre, Amesbury, with the next stage of the art programme, a community garden in the centre of the Kings Gate development funded by Bloor Homes.

As the project moves forward to permanent commissioning, Ginkgo want the local community to be actively involved in designing and building the garden space, which will echo the surrounding heritage landscape. They are encouraging local artists, gardeners, builders, writers, carpenters, walkers and singers to get together in what promises to be a celebration of community, and a sharing of skills.

People of all ages are invited to attend the launch and an afternoon of fun family activities and workshops. They include gardening, art and writing workshops with Holly Corfield Carr and poetry readings performed by the students of Amesbury Archer Primary School.

All activities are free, and food from a local vendor is on sale.

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