Another crop of crop circles

Another crop of crop circles

Wiltshire Police urge all farmers and landowners who suffer from crop circles on their land to report it to 101 so it can be recorded.

Often, immediately after a crop circle appears, individuals arrive with a drone to photograph it. The police recommend: “Take note of any vehicles, their registration plates, and any individuals and pass this information to the police.

A drone flown in the time after a crop circle may be connected to group which has created the circle. The footage is quickly circulated on social media to generate interest and on websites that charge for advertising space.

“If a circle is created on your land, tell the Crop Circle Community if you decide to allow/not allow access to the general public, and if you intend to cut the circle out. This should reduce unwanted visitors.

“We also ask the public to help support our rural communities by reporting suspicious vehicles, behaviour, or people, in crop fields to 101. They may be attempting to create a crop circle and commit criminal damage. If you can see a crop circle creation in progress, call 999.

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