One comfortable win for the Tories, but one giant leap for Labour

One comfortable win for the Tories, but one giant leap for Labour

By Andy Datson

Once again Wiltshire and North Dorset proved to be a Tory stronghold, but the Labour candidates had their own share of success in the snap election.

John Glen held onto his Salisbury seat with a 17,333 vote majority over second place Labour candidate Tom Corbin, but Corbin will count the election as a success nonetheless, as he saw a 10.2% increase in votes from the 2015 election.

It was a similar story in the Wiltshire South West constituency, Dr Andrew Murrison retaining the conservative seat with an 18,326 majority over Labour candidate Laura Pictor. Once again however, Labour took a big step forward, as their vote share increased by 13.1% from the 2015 election.

Devizes’ Conservative candidate Claire Perry also held onto her seat, a 21,136 majority over Labour’s Imtiyaz Shaikh. Labour’s increase in vote share continued, with an 8% rise and a sign that the Tories may not be as dominant as they once were.

The only real surprise came in the North Dorset constituency. The battle for second place in the North Dorset constituency produced a surprise, with Labour candidate Pat Osborne beating Thomas Panton of the Liberal Democrats by nearly 2,000 votes, and increasing their vote share from 2015 by 9.7%.

It is the first time Labour has been runner-up in this safe Tory seat where the Lib Dems have been the main opposition since the Second World War. Before then, the seat was often held by the Liberal Party. Simon Hoare held onto this seat with a comfortable 25,777 majority.

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