Liquor and luxury at Regent

Liquor and luxury at Regent

Regent, the luxury clothing retailer and personal tailor in Salisbury, has opened a liquor club on the ground floor of the shop on New Street.

The idea was put forward by Regent employee Jamie Lingham, a trained sommelier.

“The idea behind it is that we give an alternative, we give choice. It’s not the stuff you can buy in the city centre, and it’s not stuff you can get hold of easily, but it’s good, and good value for money,” said Jamie.

“Jason [the owner] really wanted to expand the business. It ties in beautifully with what we are trying to achieve at Regent,” he added.

Regent is a three-floor shop with rooms dedicated to different styles of clothing. Rooms such as the ‘games room’ on the top floor stocks casual-wear, and just across the landing is the women’s wear room, stocking everything from scarves to bags.

One the second floor is the ‘suit room’, where all fittings are dealt with and you will find a wide range of high quality suits and ties. Across from the suit room is the formal wear where, among the many items are Regent’s self-designed range, such as waistcoats and cashmere jumpers.

“One thing in our formal range that we are known for is our ‘Regent heritage’ line, a collection of items we will always sell, and it’s an easy way for people to get to know us as a brand,” said Jamie.

At the bottom of the stairs is their ‘wall of ties’, a collection of neck ties designed by Regent. A wide range of patterns are available, from the Regent butterfly to skulls.

On the bottom floor is the ‘mint room’, which stocks a large range of country wear; shooting jackets, tweed overcoats and flat caps.

The liquor club is on the bottom floor off the ‘mint room’, and is home to a vast array of wine, cider, whisky, various gins and other spirits.

“The main aim throughout all of our products is quality. We want to make sure customers know that if they come to us, they will get the best there is, whether it’s a suit or a bottle of wine,” said Jamie.


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