Guy Ritchie opens brewery

Guy Ritchie opens brewery

Film director Guy Ritchie’s new Gritchie Brewing Company has launched its first beer, named ‘English Lore’ – a 4% ABV traditional British cask ale made with all British ingredients.

Beer lover Guy has built a brewery on his Wiltshire and he said ‘English Lore’ is a “quintessentially English pale ale brewed with Maris Otter barley grown on the estate, and a combination of old and new English hop varieties to give distinctive flavour notes.

He describes it as “a medium-bodied beer with a touch of caramel, a layering of floral and honey notes and bright flecks of citrus and orange marmalade” suitable for all beer lovers and non-lovers, he claimed.  The new 20-barrel brew kit has potential to produce 4,000 barrels per year.

“I’ve always been a big cask ale fan and a regular pub-goer and I’ve been wanting to brew my own beer for years. Yes, this is a hobby, but it is a passion-led project and feels like the next natural step was to build a brewery.  I love the full spectrum of different beer styles, but especially real ale because it is so unique to England.  I’m fascinated by the historical origins of the beer brewing culture in the UK and hope to draw from that heritage,” Guy said.

Head Brewer, Adrian Peskin added:  “I’m very excited to be working at Gritchie Brewing Company alongside people with the same vision for making quality beer. It’s great to work at a brewery that grows its own barley and taps into its own aquifer.  I think it is most brewers’ dream to see the product from grain to glass.  Our first beer, English Lore, is a traditional English ale with a modern twist which embraces subtlety, balance and drinkability.”

Initially, the beer will be available to local pubs in the vicinity of the brewery. Currently, the Beckford Arms, Fonthilll Gifford, The Horseshoe, Ebbesbourne Wake, The King John, Tollard Royal, The Talbot, Berwick St John, and 10 Castle Street in Cranborne serve the beer.

During the Christmas festivities Guy was drinking English Lore in The Beckford and the King John. Currently, it is sold in cask but as the year progresses, it will be sold to a wider audience.


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