Fresh milk is a popular choice

Fresh milk is a popular choice

Young farmer John Martin, who farms at Nunton, Salisbury, is investing in a second milk vending machine supplying fresh, free-range milk straight from cow to customer.

He said: “Recently we have seen the dairy industry decline. Consumers are beginning to see the impact their food purchases have on farms and farming families.

The first vending machine opened outside the Radnor Arms in Nunton on July 17, and was a great success.

“People want to make the ‘right’ choices to support farmers. Farmers have been forced to think differently, and where possible, cut out the middle man and reach out directly to their communities to offer a new way of supplying fresh, healthy milk straight from the dairy.”

He said the new milk machine would operate from July at a location convenient for the community and surrounding areas.

Nunton Farm’s Free-Range Milk is available at Nunton Farm Open Farm Sunday on June 10, part of a nationwide celebration in which farmers open their farms to the public. Visitors can see the cows being milked and take a trailer ride to where the cows graze. A BBQ, plus ice creams and cakes are served. Donations on the day will go to The Brain Tumour Charity, a cause close to the Martin family’s heart.

The Martin family has farmed in the Chalk Valley since 1929. During that time, farming has evolved dramatically, and each generation has had to be innovative and adaptable to keep the farm going. Third generation Simon Martin has worked hard to develop a highly-sophisticated grazing system that allows his ‘happy herd’ of free-range Friesian and Jersey cows to enjoy the great outdoors most of the year.

John Martin will be the fourth generation farmer at Nunton Farm. He is proud of the family’s achievement and knows he must continue to be inventive and ambitious for the farm to survive.
John set up Nunton Farm Free-Range Milk. He said: “Customers really want to support their local farmer, but don’t know how to do it. The vending machine is the chance to buy fresh milk direct from the farm and support us as their local farmers.

“We have a closer link to the community and our customers now know a little more about how their milk gets from cow to cup.”

Attractive, re-usable glass bottles from the vending machine encourage customers to do their bit for the environment.

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