First Time Hill Climb

First Time Hill Climb

By Geoff Ballett

If you have hung up your motorcycle leathers and don’t fancy riding on the road any more then try Hill Climbing. Its a great way to have fun at speed without all the road traffic.

After many years of riding on the road I gave this sport a go. I purchased a bike off a well known website that had been sat in a barn for years and spent time stripping it down and doing it up and getting it checked over by a local bike shop and ready to go. A racing licence is needed but very easy to obtain plus full leathers and gold class marked crash helmet, membership to a local club is is a good idea to.

There are many hill climb venues around the country with Gurston down on the door step. I did my first one on the 10th of September at Wiscombe Park just outside Honiton. After signing in and having my kit examined we walked the track as It was my first time, after this there is a rider briefing and two practice runs. I must say my heart was in my mouth as this was a national meeting with the top people competing, it was great fun after i got the pressure of the first run out the way and everyone was so nice and helpful.

After lunch came the serious  part of a timed run, to go as fast as you can over a set distance. lining up on the start and visor down its time to go, it was  great. I crossed the line with no major problems on the way, unfortunately on the second run the rain came down hard and that made the course very slippery but again I made it. In the end I finished 15th out of 19 so i was very happy as this was my first time.

As I said if you want to have fun on a bike without the problems of the road give it a go, contact the national hill climb association and they can help. But as we all know motor sport can be dangerous but not so much if you listen to help from others that have knowledge of the sport.

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