Excellence comes of age at The Sharp Practice

Excellence comes of age at The Sharp Practice

18 Years ago, Becky Faithfull and Matt Cook opened The Sharp Practice on Winchester Street in Salisbury. Soon after, they outgrew the Winchester Street shop and moved to Catherine Street, where they remain to this day.

In the early days, Matt was in charge of tattooing and Becky did piercings, but the business has grown at such a rate that they now employ a number of very highly skilled tattoo artists. Before the business expanded into laser and skin treatments, the couple ran a successful café in the upstairs space of the premises. Following Becky’s training with the Royal College of Nursing, the space is now used as a state-of-the-art tattoo and hair removal area.

Four full-time tattoo artists are employed at the shop, all of whom have distinctive and highly skilled styles which allows The Sharp Practice to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Matt, the co-owner, has 25 years of tattooing experience, and specialises in portraits and black and grey. Matt has a highly artistic approach to his work and is able to tattoo in any style, making him a very popular artist.

Matt also works closely with many plastic surgery departments in local hospitals. Matt can tattoo nipples onto reconstructed skin, with the intention of aiding the rehabilitation for a person who has been through a difficult time. He also tattoos hair strokes onto burns and scars.

Darren, or “Redbeard”, has a passion for custom tattooing. He is recognised by customers for his distinctive style and custom lettering. What makes Redbeard so popular is his obvious love for the trade, something that comes out in his work.

Jack is an award-winning artist with a degree in fine art from Southampton University. He specialises in Neo-traditional tattoos, but is highly skilled in all areas.

The Sharp Practice often brings in guest artists, many of whom are award-winning.

The Sharp Practice has the top of the range lasers, which means they can remove them. Their laser removal machines can remove all colours of ink. They also do laser hair removal.

Their piercing department is as busy as ever, keeping up with the piercing trends. Dermal implants, surface piercings and corsets are some of the more unique piercings they do carried out by Becky. Earlobe piercings are as popular as ever.

Before Matt became a tattoo artist, he was one of the UKs top airbrushing artists. He can airbrush a wide variety of items, such as car bonnets, skateboards, and toilet seats.

Becky’s son Jake, who has now been tattooing for over ten years, specialises in Polynesian and Tribal tattooing, as well as having a diploma in semi-permanent make-up; specialising in eyebrows, eyeliner, lip-liner with full colour. The procedures are completely safe. It enhances your natural beauty and gives your features shape and definition.

Matt’s brother, a fully qualified medical doctor trained in aesthetics is joining the team at The Sharp Practice, and is performing Botox and Dermal filler treatments. Free consultations are offered, and you will be safe in the knowledge that a qualified professional will be guiding you through every step.

The shop also does t-shirt and vinyl printing service. All printing is done in-house so is quick and efficient. They print their own t-shirts which are available to buy in-store. Printing ranges from custom printing from stag and hen dos to business and commercial for work, parties or general wear. You can choose your own one-off design with their help. They have a large range of stock in store, t-shirts, hoodies, vests, polos, sweatshirts and more.

The Sharp Practice has been very successful for the last 18 years because of the hard work and passion of the employees and owners. The business and the customers are at the heart of everything they do and it shows in the results.

“We want to keep evolving and getting better. I think if you stand still then so does your business,” said Becky.

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