Care home cuts throwaway plastic  

Care home cuts throwaway plastic   

A Salisbury nursing home is the first to begin reducing single-use plastic.

Family-owned Colten Care, which runs Braemar Lodge, Stratford Road, Salisbury, hopes to cut avoidable plastic waste in all its departments.

Residents, families and team members have fed in ideas on how to eliminate non-recyclables, and replacing them with environmentally-friendly alternatives.

The ‘Caring, without plastic’ campaign is significant given the sector’s traditionally high use in clinical services, person-centred care and infection control.

“We are targeting plastic consumption in everything we do, catering, gardening, waste handling, laundry services, repairs and maintenance, and administration, one-team commitment to get rid of all unnecessary plastic.”, said Tim Wookey Colten Care’s Director of Marketing and Companionship.

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