Owned by Bobby, Good As New is the one-stop place to buy, sell, and swap any items from electronics to houseware, and books to vintage jewellery.

Good As New recently opened shop at 49, North Street, Wilton. They sell products on their customers’ behalf, taking away the inconvenience of selling unwanted items, as well as providing mobile phone, computer, and laptop repair services.

With an already successful eBay shop, Bobby had been based in Kingsway Business Park for three years, when he heard from his chimney sweep (and previous tenant of the premises on North Street) that the space was available. Bobby has now been on North Street for just over a month and says he has been well-received by the friendly people of Wilton, and is much happier seeing customers and passers-by on a regular basis.

Seeing customers regularly comes with interesting stories, too. Bobby recounts the time a customer walked in with a set of Mont Blanc pens, having found them five years before in Wilton’s market square. With no success in finding the previous owner, the customer gave them to Bobby, who placed them in the shop window.

Shortly afterwards, a gentleman walked past the shop window, pausing to look at the pens. They had been given to him by his father just before he passed away, and the gentleman had lost them five years ago, finding them again in Bobby’s shop window on the 10th anniversary of his father’s passing.

If you have items to sell or swap, or simply wish to browse an eclectic selection of preowned items, Good As New is the place to go.

Call Bobby on 01722 743739 or visit their eBayshop – Good-As-New-Salisbury.

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