Hermitage Ensemble welcomed to Wilton

Hermitage Ensemble welcomed to Wilton

A powerful atmosphere added to the enjoyment of a concert of Russian Orthodox church music and Russian folk songs on March 17 in the splendid surroundings of Wilton’s immaculate Italianate Parish Church.

On behalf of the town, Cllr Phil Matthews warmly welcomed the Hermitage Ensemble from St Petersburg.

He said it was a fitting venue, as the church has been built at the wishes of the Russian Countess of Pembroke, born Ekaterina Woronsov, whose tomb lay just behind them.

The Ensemble’s powerful unaccompanied voices reverberated through the church with religious works from Russian composers such as Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky during the first half.

The mood lightened after the interval, and songs such as the Drinking Song, ‘The Accordion’, Kalinka and the well-known ‘Moscow Nights’ brought the Ensemble warm applause and cries for more.

Report and photographs by Christine Matthews

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