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Beware pension scams

By Derek Gibbens Pension fraud is on the increase. Figures from the City of London Police show losses from pension scams hit a record high in March 2017 of £8.6m from 24 victims. The Financial Times reports that overall, since pension freedoms were introduced in April... read more

Stock market disaster is unlikely

Will there be a market correction or even a substantial drop in the value of equity holdings? Average growth in the value of equity holdings in the past five years has been good in almost all sectors, and has varied from 20% in absolute return funds, to more than 100%... read more

It’s not too late to make New Year resolutions

By Derek Gibbens It’s only February but how are your financial New Year resolutions going? If you have faltered, why not re-start them. Here are some simple pointers to get your finances in shape. Get organised Get on top of your paperwork and make a simple and clear... read more

‘Trump means Trump’

By Derek Gibbens Trump’s victory has been dubbed “Brexit all over again,” given the political and market uncertainty sparked by both development. Despite initial concerns,the Trump win has not materialised into the equity sell-off some had feared. An understatement is... read more

Are you prepared?

By Derek Gibbens I sometimes go back to the basics in my monthly article, and this month I talk about Protection, and specifically, life insurance and critical illness. As a boy, I was a Scout and recall the Scout’s motto ‘Be prepared.’ Are you? Death can clearly have... read more

Five tips for financial planning for self-employed

By Derek Gibbens   For many self-employed people, with variable income levels, a financial high in one season can be followed with a low in the next.      As a consequence, those who earn the bulk of their income in a few short months can feel nervous... read more

Time to ditch poorly-paying cash accounts

By Derek Gibbens   “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons” – Woody Allen   The winner of our best quotes competition is Justin Hall, who suggested a plethora of quotes, which I have added to my list for our notice board.   A bottle of... read more

Money matters?

By Derek Gibbens Money doesn’t matter, but lack of money does.    I usually write about technical subjects but a change of tack this month, as I’m feeling more philosophical.   Our clients and those who travel past our office, perhaps on a daily basis, will have... read more

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