Jaffas – Pete Coleshaw

Time to go out?

One of the big worries for any cat owner is whether to let their cats range freely, or to keep them indoors. With this year’s kitten season well under way, plenty of young kitties will be going outdoors for the first time. While outdoor cats have the benefits of... read more

Young adult cats’ health is in danger

Some health issues are much more common in cats from six months old to around two years of age. At this stage of a cat’s life, they are still exploring the big wide world, and starting to socialise – or otherwise! The first thing is flea control – in the... read more

How to find a lost cat

Your cat has failed to come home – something we all dread. What now? Firstly take heart: I reckon 50% or more of such cats come home, so it’s not always an instant disaster. Sometime, something scary may have happened around your house – check every nook and cranny of... read more

Education, education…

Cats have long been seen as mysterious creatures – in reality we simply didn’t understand them. By their very nature, they are not demonstrative or ‘in-your-face’, so interpreting their emotions and needs can be tricky. But huge advances have been made in our... read more

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