Store makes sensory changes

Store makes sensory changes

The National Autistic Society is asking businesses and shops to participate in Autism Hour at 10am on October 2 when, for 60 minutes, Superdrug will dim the lights, turn off the tannoy and music and generally make its store more comfortable and welcoming for those with sensory conditions.

Shopping for many people can be a way of relaxing and socialising but for people with these conditions, shopping centres and noisy stores can be quite the opposite.

Bright lights and noisy, crowded stores can be intimidating and frightening for those with conditions such as autism so Superdrug in Warminster’s Three Horseshoes Walk is taking steps to make its store more autism-friendly.

Peter Ruscoe, Three Horseshoes Walk centre manager said: “Superdrug staff have been given guidance in ensuring they feel more comfortable serving and approaching those who feel overwhelmed or anxious.

“We hope Superdrug’s initiative to set aside this hour will give those with autism a break from information overload in what can sometimes be a busy, noisy environment.”

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