Rubicon for breakfast

Rubicon for breakfast
By Will Bradley

Sarah Roberts from Team Rubicon was guest speaker at the Wilton and District Business breakfast on April 11 at the Swan@Stoford.

The disaster relief organisation, based in Chilmark, matches modern ex-military professionals with the chaos of disaster response.

“Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion,” Sarah explained to the well-attended breakfast meeting.

Sarah said the team restored a sense of pride to former military members, and assisted in incident management, hazard instigation, medical air and disaster management.

They successfully pair the skills and experiences of military veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions to solve problems where the need is greatest.

There primary mission is providing relief to those affected by natural disasters in the UK or overseas, and Sarah gave case studies of recent Team Rubicon work.

The team currently has 1,200 members but Sarah is encouraging more people to join, as there is a role for everyone, she emphasised.

“We need help spreading the word, we need volunteers and help identifying project in the area,” Sarah explained.

Team Rubicon work alongside lots of different organisations and are working to be a sustainable organisation after receiving a start-up government grant.

Sarah is also encouraging businesses and individuals to donate time, or financial funding.

The team is looking for fundraisers, volunteers and members for a street team.

“Everyone has something to give,” Sarah added.

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All are welcome to attend WDBC business breakfasts: contact Emma Scott on 07565770161 or email

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