Nadder Centre to be a sustainable community campus

Nadder Centre to be a sustainable community campus
By Will Bradley

The Nadder Centre Tisbury celebrated the official opening of the new £8million vibrant community hub with an open day on March 2.

Baroness Scott of Bybrook, OBE, leader of Wiltshire Council unveiled a special plaque in front of a large crowd to mark the occasion.

“This centre represents significant investment into the community. Wiltshire Council, in difficult financial times, has provided another centre for everyone,” Baroness Scott explained to Valley News.

Tisbury Parish Council is currently taking on Wiltshire Council over its plans for change of use of a first floor area of the centre for commercial office space.

Baroness Scott believes community support for the hub will grow and encourages visitors to use and enjoy the new centre.

“Many rooms in the centre need filling-up. We have designed a centre that offers something for everyone.

“Commercial use is available because of financial issues. It is one way to make the new centre more sustainable. The space is currently underused, but if extra space is needed in the future, that would be investigated,” the baroness explained.

The open-day event promoted local groups and provided information about facilities and services available. The hub has start-up business units to rent, and support for people launching new businesses.

Wider community facilities available include a library, main events hall, meeting rooms, dance studio, and freshly-made hot drinks in The Orangery Café.

The library now has more than 1,000 members, and an extra 400 people have signed up for gym membership at the centre.

“The bottom line is that more than £8million has been invested in a small community; it should be celebrated,” she emphasised.

Baroness Scott officially opened the Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre in Salisbury on February 9, and explained all centres have been designed differently for the community, with a range of services including entertainment.

“Assets are expensive to run. It is a better offer for the community, with a cross-fertilisation of services, and people will try new things. Different campuses and models are implemented in different areas,” she said.

Cllr Tony Deane, chair of Wiltshire Council’s  South West Wilts Area Board, said: “We are delighted, after careful planning with residents, that our vision has now become a reality. It’s just what we need.”

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